Pentecost 2018 – An Event Check

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Pentecost 2018 – An Event Check

May 31, 2018, In Fairmas Event Check

Previous Year’s Pentecost Figures Remain Unmatched

Where did the tourists stay?

As the saying goes, “One man’s owl is another man’s nightingale.” In the hotel industry, especially in the A-destinations that are regularly examined in the Hotel Report, public holidays and long weekends are not high on the wish list. At the same time however, these expected public holidays and long weekends are also often the reason for low expectations in terms of room demand and pricing, with incomplete business weeks disrupting the MICE business. This is proven by years of experience as well as by the analytical data comparison in the Fairmas Hotel Benchmarking.

On the other hand, the growing enthusiasm for short city breaks increases the opportunity for an increased leisure segment to compensate for the loss of corporate business. This is all the more true when the weather cooperates, plus famous sights and high-profile attractions that increase the appeal of a city break.

At least Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are among the German cities considered to be attractive by domestic and foreign tourists. However, the benchmarks in Berlin and Hamburg for Pentecost surprised us all the more. Only Munich was able to increase the year-on-year occupancy rate. The fact that this did not automatically lead to an increase in the average room price in the state capital of Bavaria, may be due to the significantly higher number of rooms available as a result of the new hotel openings in Munich.

Graph showing the growth in occupancy, ADR, RevPar in 6 major German destinations during Pentecost 2018

Overview of the overall German hotel industry – values show that on average, things went backwards

Decline in occupancy in Berlin – despite a full Pentecost calendar of events

Was there not enough action going on in Berlin? The weather was fantastic – with lots of sunshine and no rain. In addition, the Pentecost 2018 calendar of events was long and varied, so one would think that there was something for everyone.

The Pentecost long weekend was ushered in by the DFB Cup Final in the Olympic Stadium on Friday 19 May. Followed by the Carnival of Cultures, the long night of open churches, the Mural Fest (a street art festival), jazz in the park and countless other smaller festivals and events like the Pentecost Carillon concert in Berlin-Tiergarten – to name a few.

What was different compared to the previous year? Last year, Pentecost Sunday was on 4 June. At the same time, the international gymnastics festival took place in 2017. The traffic connections were also more diverse thanks to Air Berlin.

Decline regardless of the hotel category

Graph of the overall German hotel industry performance in terms of occupancy, ADR, RevPar for Pentecost 2018 versus 2017 by star category

On average, no hotel category was able to generate growth. However, as the consideration of all hotels participating in Fairmas Benchmarking always means an average calculation, the “Best Performer” and “Lowest Performer” are listed below to show the entire range of the scale:

The cities who achieved the highest growth rates in terms of hotel KPIs are:
Occupancy – Karlsruhe, Luebeck and Wiesbaden (between +36% and +26%)
ADR – Luebeck, Rostock and the surrounding area, as well as Wiesbaden (between +9. 7% and 8. 2%)
RevPar – Luebeck, Karlsruhe and Wiesbaden (between +45% and +37%)

The cities who had to cope with the biggest declines are:
Occupancy – Halle, Braunschweig and Cologne (between -39% to -25%)
ADR – Cologne, Wolfsburg and Dusseldorf (between -39% to -25%)
RevPar – Cologne, Halle and Brunswick (between -40% and -30%)

With the results, the Luebeck hotel industry could really laugh at Pentecost. But another reason for the positive result is that Luebeck is also celebrating its 875th year this 2018. Congratulations from Fairmas!